What's that Ye? Baby these heels...

I have never been the type of chick to keep up with what season something came out in. i.e. These are from the 2009 Gucci Cruise Collection. *barf* And..so effin what...who keeps up with that stuff? I bet those who do can't tell you how many books there are in the new testament! And no, The Book of Prada doesn't count as one. I have also never been one to keep up with what season you're not supposed to wear things in. i.e. no white after labor day. When it is socially acceptable to wear boots v. sandals. Ahh, who cares. I don't even adhere to the light nail polish in the summer, dark in the winter rule. I wear what I want...when I want. I got better things to do than be worried about some alleged fashion rules. When I roll out of bed I grab the last thing I had on or whatever fits..and rock with it. That being said, I am not a self proclaimed "shoe girl". I believe this is the only attribute separating me from being Carrie Bradshaw. I typically like shoes that are cute, fit these narrow @$$ feet of mine, and don't hurt my dogs.  I wore my Louboutins last night, so you can probably hear them barking through your PC. *grrrr* I am notorious for putting a spare pair of flippies in my handbags in preparation for the old switcheroo later in the night. I guess it's the boughetto in me. Chile please, I will pull out my flats/throw those heels in my bag so fast you won't even see it happen. I have been in some of the fanciest places in these great states in my $2 old navy flip flops. Hey, everybody situation ain't the same! Those who know me know the deal! But, like any chick with a healthy estrogen level, a nice shoe will catch my eye. I think these joints are hot...nothing like the Obama sneakers, but still hot!


Anonymous said...

okay so i'm not into religion at all but i am into fashion so you kinda lost me at the beginning and turned me off so i didn't really care to keep reading about you or nail polish so i scrolled down and saw pictures of pretty shoes. nice :-)

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