Repeat Offenders

Every Tom, Dick and Harry know celebs live by a different creed than us regular folks. They’re typically ostracized for wearing something more than once. Which really isn’t fair given the retail value of their merchandise. But, I won’t be feeling sorry for them anytime soon. Thanks to the ever present stalkerazzi, commoners can open a magazine or turn on the tube on any given Sunday to catch our beloved stars doing anything from going to the grocery store to attending a movie premier. And if they happen to be doing so in the same threads we saw them in last week… it's most certainly curtains for them! Although I am famous for running my favorite pieces into the ground…since I am not famous for anything else, I get a pass! Catching a celebrity in the same ANYTHING more than once, has become as noteworthy as who they were last seen canoodling with. People mag even has a monthly piece called “I Really Love My…” where they put superstars on blast for rocking something 3 or 4 times in public. It can be as simple as a belt or necklace, we don’t care. We love to see anything which offers proof that stars are mere mortals. And repeating outfits tops the list of things normal people do. There are a few stars in this galaxy - I won’t name names (MEAGAN GOOD)- who have zero shame in being photographed in the same thing twice. Meagan is a sexy beast we all know this…but we would like to see her in something other than the disco tights from American Apparel and that leather bomber she always dons. Meagan…c’mon sister, get a stylist. Although you're C-list at best, Rachel Zoe would gladly take you in...

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