10 Things I Hate About You

Yeah right! I couldn't hate this chick if I tried.  I have an ongoing fascination with Victoria Bechkam aka Posh.  It started about 13 years ago when I saw the oddest video late one night on Mtv (back when they still showed videos).  There was so much going on.  Chicks flipping, dancing on tables, disturbing the peace...a wicked cool black chick with crazy hair, a red head with big boobs...but amidst it all, my eyes kept traveling back to the seemingly more reserved and fashion conscious chick in the bunch.  Who is this gal, I wondered.  Well...who the hell are these people was my 1st thought, but you get the idea.  I love you Posh...and here's why...

10.  You've made "soccer mom" cool again (wait, was it ever?).  You're quite possibly THE jazziest soccer mom on the planet. I salute you woman of genius.

9.  You don't like being called "Vicky".  I hate nicknames...so I found this tidbit to be quite interesting. Everyone is so lazy nowadays.  People will even find a way to shorten a nickname.  Call me by my gobment name!

8. You change your hairstyle, color, and length like folks change their drawers.  I dig it.  I've never seen a style I didn't like. 

7. Your kids have the most awesome names: Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. How cool are they?

6. Your an author.  Not one...but two books in your repertoire. And as your resident thick chick...trust me, that extra half an inch makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for the suggestion!

5. You're not "too good" for the hood. I mean you DO have a son named Brooklyn.  But, seeing one of the most famous people in the UK do a Rocawear ad = cool feelings.  You made urban wear look...well...quite posh! 

4. You have a Hermes' Berkin bag for every day of the week. White...purple...burnt orange...pink. Who but you? And you carry them to the darndest place i.e. Football (aka soccer) games!

3. Your dress game is vicious! Style icon is the label you wear best. Undeniably one of the flyest chicks in the game. The heels...tha handbags...the haute couture...the hot to defness of it all is too much!

2. Your husband.  David Beckham.  I want to keep this thing respectable...so I will tread lightly....but this
man is BE-YOU-Tee-FULL.  If you ever want to trade dudes, I'm game. *peeks into your window for a glimpse of Becks*

1. You have successfully mastered the art of looking arroganltly above it all.  You always seem so over it, without coming across as uninteresting. It works for you.


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