Dirty Low Down Monkey With a Wig On

I went to bed last night telling myself I needed to blog about this week's episode of Real Housewives asap. When I woke up this morning, I heard that Kandi's fiancé had been killed. I took to Twitter like any respectable journalist would...and sure enough Kandi had confirmed the awful news. Since life can't be all fun and games (sometimes it's about guns n' roses)...I wanted to mention what happened before I recapped the episode. AJ's children and Kandi are in my thoughts today. With that being said....*how can one give a good segue out of that...all I can do is jump into it!*

*SMH* That NeNe almost outdid herself in the latest installment of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I believe I may have been partaking in a cold beverage just about the time she called Kim a dirty low down monkey in a wig. As I wiped juice off my shirt, I realized NeNe is in fact insane. She is quite a character, that one. But let's rewind a bit. Since last week's episode was sort of a snoozer, I decided not to dedicate an entire blog to it. However, I would like to give it a few minutes of airtime to address "The Pocketbook Monologues". I was floored by the way that old lady blatantly swagger jacked The Vagina Monologues. LOL. Why do black people think you can change a few words around, add a bit of chocolate and walla....whole new idea! You can't. Also...if I heard "triangle between their thighs" one more time I was going to throw myself over the banister. And another thing, Sheree's portrait....*looks into camera* GIRL BYE! She looked so damn simple in that painting. She should have had James Evans Jr. paint her! Anyway...in this week's episode...they recorded Tardy for the Party...then debuted it at Kandi and Kim's birthday party. The song went over well. Kim still can't sing, but Kandi needs to pull her little friend to the side and explain to her the invention of Autotune...cause Kim seems to think that is her real voice on that song. Honey you're a fool! What else happened? Oh, Kim got engaged...to a married man. *scratches head* Is that even legal? Ha! Kim has two young daughter's and proclaimed to the world, "I have no problem with dating a married man". Boy, Mother of the Year is going to be a close call this year! Since the blogosphere is already going wild on that one...I will leave it alone. Did anything else of note take place? Oh, Kandi performed. I actually like her song, I Fly Above. Kind of catchy. Her outfit at her performance was rather questionable...but the girl is in mourning...so I will let her alone. Sheree and Dwight have thrown caution (and commonsense) to the wind and decided to team up for the SHE by Sheree fashion show. I think it's going down between them next week...so put a bookmark there as Nikole would say. Sheree took the idiot stick figure with no soul ("Tania" is what she answers to I hear) to NYC with her to look at her samples. The samples were abysmally ordinary. I don't understand what Sheree is trying to pull here but I guess we will just have to wait and see...

I'm feeling some kind of way as Paco says...like the season started off really good and is sort of fizzling out.  Somebody better get slapped or shift a wig soon or these chicks may not see a season 3!

Before we go...did you happen to catch Dwight running like a caught slave in his spandex onesie and heels in the preview for next week's episode? OMG. If you missed that magical moment, grab your boogie board and surf over to bravotv.com STAT! 


Tiffany said...

I can't wait to see it this week!

Mocitypretty said...

Dwight and Sheree are going to have a catfight!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm, excuse me? Am I being quoted on this blog and referenced by my government name? Are you crazy lady! I thought we talked about this.........LMAO!

*what happened?*

Sincerely the mysterious one,

Haute Girl

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