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Jay says "the truth needs no explanation", so I won't go in on how your lil synopsis of me as a bible-toting, warrior for all things sanctified who has no interest in fashion is off base.  But I will politely go in on you.  Hey, here's a noble concept: one can actually know what WWJD and WWD stands for. Let me come at you another way: Hoe sit down.

I "lost you" when you tuned in boo...you not being into religion, but a stout follower of the religion of fashion makes you exactly who I was talking about dear. That's why you were turned off.  The beauty of this being my blog is you don't have to be here. I don't remember asking you to stop by anyway. The most hilarious part is there are no labels on this post, so you didn't happen upon it via Blogger. You passed up what were clearly more entertaining posts to dig up "What's That Ye, Baby These Heels" cause it's a lyric in a rap song.  I'm thinking everything else was over your head.  Did you see the one that said Blog Commenting for Dummies? May want to check it out.

Funniest part of all...the only place the link to my blog was recently posted was on Twitter.  Guess there's a reason it's not known as "a place for friends".  That's a throwback to Myspace.  Keep up. You can catch a lot of diseases on the interwebs, so I only have protected tweets. This means you have to be following me to see that link.  LMAO.  And you thought enough of yourself to comment.  That's what kills me softly.  Girl - and I say girl cause you are clearly a female...don't nobody care what you think about my blog.  But, keep following me honey...maybe something that ain't over your head will be discussed.  I'll make sure to dumb down for ya.

Oh, I keeps it funky...so feel free to respond.  I'm sure your an internet gangsta...full of font fights and such. I probably won't respond though.  I already came down off my high horse to address you once.  Carry on.

Note: In response to a comment left in a previous post.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, shots have been fired...everyone take cover!! LOL. MCP dont hurt'em. Clearly someone praying to prada isnt worth much of your time.



PS. LMAO at "internet gansta"!

Mocitypretty said...

Well, I absolutely welcome opinions that differ from my own. i.e. the gruesome comment LaconicIcon made about Obama I posted on Twitter yesterday. :) But I think this person really just rubbed me wrong. It was early n the AM, maybe my response was a lil vicious. Anonymous...you can come back and comment anytime. I won't blast ya. *fingas crossed*

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