April Showers Bring May Fanatics

SATC the movie was literally everything a true fan of the HBO series could hope for. If the devil really lies in the details, he was alive and kicking in this one. It was the little things incorporated from the series that made the movie flow so organically. From Carrie yelling out Big’s real name (John!) to seeing her model the famous tutu, it seemed they thought of everything. Well, almost everything. One big - or shall I say significant - part of Carrie’s life was missing from the film. Aidan Shaw. I realize the movie didn’t really call for an actual glimpse of Aidan, but I was appreciative of the fact that there was mention of him in the first 2 minutes of the film. Still….as much as we love to love Big, every girl has a special place in her heart for the good guy who finished…well, second in Carrie’s.  We saw Steve, Harry, Stanford, Anthony, Magda (heck even Monolo Blahnik got an appearance even though the girls were rocking red bottoms most of the movie)…but no Aidan. Which is why I almost fainted when I laid eyes on the newest trailer from SATC 2. He’s back! And from the looks of things…looking better than ever. Now, you know I abso-fuckin-lutley love Big…but I can’t wait to see what happens when Carrie runs into Aidan.

As a devotee of the series and the box-office extravaganza that was Sex and The City the movie, I wasn’t very happy to hear they were making a sequel. I thought…why chance it? The show was a phenomenon that captivated the hearts of single girls everywhere. And of course, the movie was simply the series on steroids. But a second film? Who needs it? Well, apparently 5 million fans worldwide. Guys don’t expect a date, phone call, or even text from your female friends, girlfriends or wives this May 28th. They are sure to be one place…and one place only. At the theater with 100 of their closest girlfriends…playing catch up with Carrie and hers!


Ms. Banks said...

I think had Aidan been present in the first movie, what would we have left? Remember her running into him and "Tate" at the furniture store while she ran from Berger?? I think that was their way of putting Aidan/Carrie to rest...I felt like you..."What is the point of a sequel?" What else can happen...let's face it, she's in her 40's and not a die hard baby person, so putting a baby in the equation didn't seem to likely...but after seeing all the trailers *sigh* I'm beyond on the edge of my seat impatiently waiting for May 28...

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